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privacy policy

At we value your privacy which is very important to us. We completely respect any personal data that may be collected by us when you access our website.

All the personal data collected from you on this site is totally secure and we never share your personal details with third parties unless we are obliged to do so for legal reasons. All the relevant data collected on this website is protected to the best of our ability to prevent loss, theft and unauthorised access.

It is not necessary for you to comply with our request for private information but by doing so your experience at our website will be greatly improved and you will be able to utilise our product to the fullest. All information collected is done so legally with your knowledge and consent. In compliance with the law, we always inform you why this data is required and how it will be used.

Although you may access third-party websites via links on this site, we have no say or control over the privacy policies of these third-party sites and cannot be held accountable for the individual privacy policies of such websites. It is your sole responsibility to read and understand their policies.

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