Claim No Deposit Bonuses at BTC Casinos

Casino operators have been searching for innovative ways to attract new customers to their sites since the first online casino was established in 1994. One of the most enticing and successful solutions was the welcome bonus, giving you the opportunity to double your bankroll with a single deposit. However, due to an increase in competition, a brand-new reward was needed. This is how no deposit bonuses burst onto the scene, creating a bigger demand than ever before.

Bitcoin casinos had the same effect on players when it first appeared, providing a safer environment along with faster transactions. It wasn't long before players started receiving exclusive promotions and bonuses for Bitcoin deposits, leading to the creation of the Bitcoin no deposit bonus. This generous offer can be used to evaluate every nook and cranny of a Bitcoin casino, while also giving you the chance to get free casino bitcoins in the process.

In this article, you'll discover what a Bitcoin no deposit bonus actually is, the different types of Bitcoin no deposit bonuses you can claim on your account and the advantages of claiming a no deposit Bitcoin bonus. We will also take an in-depth look at the terms and conditions for Bitcoin no deposit offers and how you can use the fine print to your advantage to walk away with a small profit. So, if you are interested to get free casino bitcoins on your account, we highly recommend that you continue reading.

What is a Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus?

A Bitcoin no deposit bonus is similar to a traditional no deposit offer. The only real difference, however, is that a Bitcoin no deposit bonus is offered by a cryptocurrency casino. The primary reason why players are constantly flocking to claim this offer is due to the fact that you'll receive a reward without having to make a real money deposit. In most cases, you merely need to register and verify your email address to get free casino bitcoins credited to your account.

Once a Bitcoin no deposit bonus is credited to your account, you'll have the freedom to explore the virtual casino floor with the chance to play a handful of games to see if it's to your liking. You can also assess the banking options, quality of customer support, and the user-interface before making a deposit. You will even get the opportunity to generate a small profit if you understand the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Types of Bitcoin No Deposit Offers

There are essentially two types of Bitcoin no deposit offers that will allow you to get free casino Bitcoins on your account. This includes a Bitcoin free spins offer and a Bitcoin free cash offer. Each of these offers will provide a unique experience, so make sure you know the difference before claiming one on your account.

  • Bitcoin Free Spins Offer: This is undoubtedly the most popular commitment-free reward you'll find at Bitcoin casinos. Once you've registered an account, you'll receive a number of free spins on a popular video slot. The number of free spins will vary wildly from one site to another but you will usually receive between 10 and 50 free spins at some of the top-rated Bitcoin casinos. This will give you the opportunity to get free casino bitcoins through the winnings you accumulate from the free spins offer. Your winnings will then be credited to your bonus balance, giving you the freedom to enjoy any game of your choosing.
  • Bitcoin Free Cash Offer: If you don't enjoy the reel-spinning adventures of video slots, you'll be pleased to know that Bitcoin casinos also come equipped with free cash offers. These generous promotions are credited directly to your bonus balance, giving you the freedom to play an assortment of games. Most Bitcoin free cash offers range between $10 and $20, giving you ample opportunities to win big without making a deposit.

Advantages of Bitcoin No Deposit Offers

It's not difficult to realize the advantages involved when you get free casino bitcoins at your favorite online casino. Some of the biggest benefits when you claim a Bitcoin no deposit bonus include:

  • No Risk: Whether you make a profit or lose everything, you will never need to risk your own hard-earned money. This provides the perfect opportunity to go big with your wagers in the hopes that you'll strike luck.
  • New Games: Most of the Bitcoin no deposit bonuses will be awarded on new games, giving you the chance to play something you've never played before. You can also use this to your advantage by familiarizing yourself with the bonus features and symbol payouts before playing with your own money.
  • Boost to Bankroll: Even though Bitcoin no deposit bonuses are risk-free, you will still get the opportunity to win real money. This is especially true when you claim a cashable no deposit bonus, allowing you to get a boost to your bankroll without making a real money deposit.
  • Explore the Casino: Apart from enjoying a handful of games, you will also get to evaluate other features of the site. This can include the user-interface, customer support, banking section, and game selection. You'll get to see how the casino operates before you invest your own money on the site.

Terms and Conditions for Bitcoin No Deposit Bonuses

Before you decide to claim a Bitcoin no deposit bonus, you will first need to understand the terms and conditions of the promotion. If you don't read through the fine print, you are bound to be disappointed when you realize that you can't withdraw your winnings or that you forfeited the offer because you didn't follow the terms and conditions. Below, we included some of the most important rules that will require your attention.

  • Withdrawal Limit: Most Bitcoin no deposit bonuses will be limited by how much you'll be able to withdraw once you've generated a small profit. Some of the best Bitcoin casinos will limit their no deposit offers to a withdrawal limit of $100, 5 mBTC, 0.3 BCH, 1 LTC, 28,000 DOGE, or 0.2 ETH.
  • Wagering Requirements: Nearly all Bitcoin no deposit bonuses will be subject to wagering requirements that you will need to meet before a withdrawal request can be accepted on your account. Whether you claim free spins or free cash, most no deposit offers will require that you wager the bonus between 40 and 60 times the sum of the bonus.
  • Verification Documents: When you make a withdrawal request after claiming a no deposit bonus, you'll be required to send documents to verify the details you've registered on your account. This will usually include a copy of your Passport, ID, or Driver's License to verify your Date of Birth followed by a Utility Bill to confirm your registered address.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin no deposit bonuses provide loads of additional benefits and rewards without spending your own money. You get to explore the gambling site for free while also getting the opportunity to play a handful of games to determine if the site is right for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get free casino bitcoins today and enjoy games like roulette, video poker, slots, and countless other games, risk-free!